Nas Freestyle (Funkmaster Flex The Mix Tape Vol II) Testo

Testo Nas Freestyle (Funkmaster Flex The Mix Tape Vol II)

Yo Funk Flexwhat the fuck is the deli my niggee?This is Nas in yo areay'all know the signs, right?Ryhmes, cash, weed, cars,ghetto celebrities, hood moviestarsGat silngers now rap singers iswho we are, Nasty to Nas,Nas to EscobarRhymes, cash, da weed, cars,ghetto celebrities, hood moviestarsGat slingers now rap singers arewho we are, from Nasty to Nas,Nas to EscobarY'all know this shit right?We gonna get it right, get high tonightFunk Flex right? My first tool 22s,I hung with crews and rocked funny jewelsgold chains, halloween,we bombed sunday schoolsfirst blunts, cutting classfirst wifee had me nothing fastused to brag about who I hadAlways wore a bag on my dickPants sagged on my kicks, ConverseWeapons, yellow, and purple magicsFur had that black shitshorties jumpin on mattress97, pockets is fat, rock a soccer capSunday, Yankee hatsGod, can he be black, thanks for thatI'm original man, show improveThe mack move right in my handBlowdro, murderer, M.O., gone for OTinted window, hennessy XO, fuckin' wit EscoHeavy metal go achoo, yo bless youJail niggas go ta hell quickerlick you wit that hunting shotRockin VVS rocks, stylin, wildinPeace to Queensbridge housincongratulate flex, five-hundred thousandSOLDFuckin better than gold, nigga

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