Don't Leave Just Yet Testo

Testo Don't Leave Just Yet

We've lost our love somehow, it's proof without a doubt you give up everything you have to get what you want
I know we don't seperate, but my sins are in teh way
And I know that you don't let me get awya too far

Oh oh I begged for one more chance about a million time and I
Come back and ask you for forgiveness again
It's easy to forget the glory in the way we met but you
Always remind me of the lvoe that we had
Let;s give this one more chance before we say goodbye

Dont' leave just yet I was mistaken
My hands are tied and my time is waited
And i just want you to know that i need you now

Don't leave just yet 'cause we're all just the same, we all take the back door
When we might be to blame
But I'll be the one to change 'cause I don't want to come
Back to see you get away
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