Hellraizer Testo

Testo Hellraizer

Cash was on my mind at a early age growin up to fast
Lookin out for ways to stay paid
God bless the child that has his own I was told
So every single day the dope was sold
I never liked school cuz this shit was never real for me
I rather hang out with niggas that was down to kill for me
Never stood still long enough to have stability
Never to advantage of my athletic abilities
Only way up out the ghetto for a blacc man
Is to either play a sport know how to sing, rap, or dance
The only other option is to join a gang or slang yola
Hangin out with the other high rollas tryin to get your poccets swoll
Look at the competition, the mission is to get rich
As quicc as possible and turn your cash legit
But the you make could be your last
You'll always have the jaccers and craccers out to bust your ass
So don't be slippin
Livin the life styles of the rich and famous
I keep my hands clean stayin blameless it's scandlous but I'm shameless
All I want to do is stacc the cream
Ever since I was a little nigga that was my dream

Pants been saggin ever since I was a seventh grader
Poccet full of roccs and a Sky pager
A nigga had dreams of comin up major
Nothin but a little ass hellraizer
Been saggin ever since I was a seventh grader
Poccet full of roccs and a Sky pager
A nigga had dreams of comin up major
Nothin but a little ass hellraizer

Fucced around and caught my homegirl ovulatin
Threw a cold twist on the whole situation
Now I got to figure out a way to break the Genius
World record for makin cash
Cuz now I got a baby in my business
Call up the essay
Go down to (S)Toccton say
"Throw it on the scale"
1000 grams is what it weighs
Getting 10 g's cuz he shows me love
Mucho gracias senior
Adios, and then I'm up out the door
It's bacc to Sac, time to make the paper stacc
Standin in the kitchen, palms itchin cookin up the chiccen
11-3-51 narcotic
85% pure product, let it rocc up
My stoccs up a grip
600 buccs a zip
Fucced up and slipped and the taskforce dipped
Caught a young nigga with a quarter pound of "D"
Got a deal for 3, entered a guilty plead
Now I'm in the "Pen" stressed out San Quinten
Lady bout to have a nigga baby any minute
32 months I got to do
Then I'll be bacc on the streets with my crew, thought cha knew


Fresh out "Pen" once again on the loose
My lady had my baby and she's already duce
Bacc in the hood and ain't a damn thang change
All the same niggas stugglin tryin to survive in the game
I got to get mine but is landmines in the streets
Take the wrong move and get swept off your feet
My baby got to eat and I'ma provide
Even if I got to ride or die
I ain't down with minimum wage so mutha fucc a 9 to 5
I'm duccin the cops like Marco Polo
My tightest dog died when I was a mobile
So now I'm rollin solo
Loco in the membrane never been tamed and never will be
And I'm hustlin to the day a nigga kills me

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