Run Away Testo

Testo Run Away

(feat. Fresh Body Shop)

They said we had to share all this love we received
But all this suffering I received unfairly
What should I do with that ?


I remember I was seventeen
Sleeping on her tomb
Then the cold woke me up on the wet rock
I felt like a trash

Now those kids who like to call me tramp
I don't mind being late at school again
Everything is destroyed in my house
I know I'll find my father drunk again

I run, I run away
I run, away from this

The fire in my lungs
The suffering in my legs
Full of sweat, I blink
I run to prevent from thinking
Run, just run

I'm so tired of this...

I've smashed up my drunk father's face
I've killed all the kids
Killed all the kids
Killed everyone
Fucked up with all of you now

I run, I run away
I run, away from this

Why did you do nothing ?
I'm so tired of this
Did you really see nothing ?
Are you proud of you ?
I'm so tired of this
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