Schizoboy And Psychogirl Testo

Testo Schizoboy And Psychogirl

My friends, it's her fucking birthday
She rocks there's nothing else to say
I think that it will be a bloody friday
I offered her a pretty gun thanks to ebay

She's my psychogirlfriend, my shadow
I'm her SchizoBoyfriend without sorrow
But we are not some fucking insanes
We have fifteen and want some fear rains

Hello mom, hello dad, hello mistress
Don't worry about us, we bring a bless
I want to fuck my lady by smelling the death
I want to ejaculate in her in school on the desk

We are just different, nobody understands us
When I'll push again her pussy, I'll shoot you
I just want to kill you, don't make a fuss
I shag my bitch when the gun fucks you

Oh my god, what did these teenagers do ?
Doctor, what have you done to help them ?
Why did they do that, Who did they be ?
They were SchizoBoy and PsychoGirl !

I've put a lot of sperm in my lady's pussy
Happy birthday my darling, go on to the party
For you I've brought Apocalypse, baby I love you
And wipe out this bastard who tried to rape you!
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