Lights Testo

Testo Lights

Can't get you out of my mind,So I,
Try and get space go outside
But then there you are
Never very far from me here

Try and discuss the simplicity and love of a
Wood burning fire,in front of me
Think of other times
Ignore wishes that you were mine

Bright, bright
Spotlight makes it hard to see the stars at night
Everyday has become my stage and I
Feel I have made
One,two,three many mistakes

Lets go the speed of light
So we can stop,
Stand still in time six seventy one
Million miles an hour we'll run

Exist with our own rules of the world
Where things that happen here aren't told
Cover up with the truth
That I'm not really with you


What is fair in this fake world of reality
I am scared that you'll go home and forget about me
Is it yet windy enough for the city to just blow you away
Have had gathered enough facts for you and I to be okay
If the hight road in the road we must take
Well instead I've now decided we don't need roads we'll float away
We'll float away (bis)


One,two,three many mistakes
One,two,three many mistakes

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