The Last Dream Testo

Testo The Last Dream

Tiziano Ferro annuncia il nuovo album: "Il Mestiere Della Vita"
An eternal flight of thoughts
Unlimited spaces of death and rebirth
Reason ran away
I hold my hand out and touch the unconscious

My soul is empty now
What I was is far away
My soul is empty now
Enraptured in dark ecstasy

The energy of dreams lights up the dark
Sublime mirage, ephemeral spell
Universe embraces my soul
Embraces my soul

I scream to the wind
And a voiceless echo screams back at me
I kneel down to behold my silence
I've been created from nothing
A reflection of the Faceless One
Time stops in infinity
To become an astral vision

I walk in these crowded streets
Perpetual motion pushed by chaos
My body moves so slowly
Frozen moments lost in this reverie

My soul is empty now
What I was is far away
My soul is empty now
The last dream... was me
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