Time For Some Action Testo

Testo Time For Some Action

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You kno when I was a kid growing up, we used to love playing outside, riding bikes, it was the 80's, record heat waves, I mean people were like dying on the side of the road getting heat stokes, only thing you could do, was go in the house and you know take a shower couple times a day, so....i'll never forget i was like 7 years old, I closed my eyes and thats when it started, I started seeing sounds.....woah

Time 4 some action(x4)

Yea there she is right there
I like it, excuse me, hey

Yeah u know the scenario
Images circle ur mind like a merry go
If u just tune that into ur stereo
Turn this bitch up here we go

Time 4 some action (4x)

I'm more like a vulture
Far from a dove
Don't u mistake this ma this is not love
It's lust
No cuddles and hugs
This is for floor and rugs

Time 4 some action (4x)

Yo the sweat on ur body
It creates a sink
No liquor no pills only that's gets me bent
I'm loving your clothes especially the prints
Get it, the prints

Time 4 some action (4x)

Hey, you aint know I was a nasty guy
U say u wanna flash me right
U know only I could smash u right
Well alright

Time 4 some action (4x)

It's time 4 some action(uh oh)
What can u imagine(uh oh)
Its time 4 some action(uh oh)
What can u imagine(uh oh)

Whoa (12x)

I see whats going on
i been sitting all along waiting away, n im so tired

Time 4 some action (2x)

I aint got nothing to say,
nothing to do, but I been waiting for so long, and I think..I think..I think im thru

Time 4 some action (4x)
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