9.2.5 Testo

Testo 9.2.5

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Same old rhyme 925
It can seem to be my life
Can't wait to see your smile to make it all worthwhile
As soon as I walk in it's like I never left at all
9 to 5 I gotta do my dues
But I forget about it all when I get home to you

As I awake and greet the day with a smile even though it feels that I've only rested for a little while
I take a second just to tend to my complexion 4 to 5 on style now heading to 1st destination
Day to day that's the sound of the men working on the chain wounder will their ever b an end
I tend to final matters now heading for home base gather all belongings with no time to waste
So I divert energy to mind over matter to minimize the factor of the cold breeze barrier
Like every day I overcome the morning fresh now soon for departure as I gather up my strength
When times are getting down in my mind I see your face though I'm steering at the ground my minds in a better place enslaved within this day due to make an escape my mind
Body and soul together in this
Better place


It's been a few days struggle, because I feel like I done left my mind behind
In my trail of thoughts
But if at any stage my concentration sails off course
I just reflect upon the power that pulsates through your source
I read your love letters each night
To reaffirm my purpose within this limited time
I don't deny the world has not tried to harden my heart
But those occasions have only helped to add flame to the spark
After I weathered the dark, joy arises in the morning
Greeted by excitement, knowing I'm coming home to your calling
Mission accomplished the trumpets welcome my steps
So overwhelmed I tend to lose the pattern of my breathe
A long with my words catching your essence
Like my shoes were reserved in this spot for such a blessing
Capturing the journeys essence in a second
This moment was destined & worth the wait in retrospective


Most times, I wish I could do better
Give you anything, Just like we talk about everything
For hours on end girl, when one of us rings
Matter fact It's a beautiful thing
That we got going on
Who would of thought that
We'd still be going strong
Because I know that I've hardly been there
To hold you and tell you that I care
But no matter the weather
Now till forever
I'm always thinking of you

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