Can't Stop The Progress Testo

Testo Can't Stop The Progress

Brothers and sisters
I said Brothers and sisters

I said we are gathered here today
For a soul celebration
I said for a soul celebration

Got that dance floor popping yo it's on tonight
Got that groove in the music
Yeah the one that you like
So come on
What you waiting for

I Came to see the whole place get down, this be the joint either side of town,
Even got joneses checking over their shoulders, uhh!
Can't stop the progress.
Times up, get it started... who you going to call?
If you need that fire on the mic... yeah we got it all
Never short of words but we prefer to move
Keep the soul in the music and the love in the tunes
Polysaturate the globe with flows like an island breeze
Nesian on track make hits yes you bless believe
Keep the vibe right, never stray from the truth
Deliver every time; it's just what we do


There ain't no simple way of saying it we slayin' so
Set the track on fire now it's bout to explode 'it's gon blow'
From city to city from shore to shore
Dance floor poppin off fo sho', fo sho'
From New York, New York back down to New Zealand
We walk the walk, Give the people what they feelin'
They talk the talk, put your hands to the ceiling
Get em up, keep em up till the blood starts leavin' em...

She looks me dead in the eye's cause she wants it, wants me,
Too give her a ride on my Pony, So me,
Don't waste no time so let's dowse doe,
I'm a hoe down pro let's go,
You need to follow me miss,
With a kick step twist, then roll like this with cha hips, Now slide either side, Wave yo hand's in the sky, Now you better get it right you know why...

You know we make you lose control
Can't stop the progress

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