Home Coming Testo

Testo Home Coming

Somebody call Alabama,
Cause mama aim coming home,
You can find me at my grandmothers, Us alone
When the other brothers holly my phone you know it's on,
Trading war story's of the time gone,
Don't get me wrong,
Now our time away was Al good,
It's just time for brothers to head back to the hood,
Back to the streets, Back in our zone,
My URL counting how many sleeps till I get home,
Only a few hours till I burst through the door,
Take a deep breathe, drop my bags to the floor,
And call for my Son,
Listen close enough,
You can hear the lil feet of my lil man run,
I battle with my sleep through the night,
I know I can't lose this fight,
Cause it won't feel right,
Now you maybe sittin thinkin but why,
To see a familiar sunrise,
Through sleepy eyes.

Were back again (were back again)
Were back again (were back again)
Were back again (were back again)
Feels so good, not a moment too soon

I had to leave my whole new world behind me
Now I'm in a homesick state of mind see
As soon as I stepped on the plane
I started contemplatin' & plottin' paths on how to get back again
But 10 hours on a flight, now it's so far gone
Only thing for me now is Home Sweet Home
I reacquaint myself with my neighbourhood
Pull up at the house and it feels so good
My olds overjoyed that they son back
Flick off that group txt that I've come back
Let Da Brat Pack know that Tha Kid is home
And it'll be an hour before I'm ready to roam
Unpacking my clothes, still got bags staked in the hall
Get to putting new Evisu's & my Timberlands on
Button up my Pin Stripe with that 'NM' logo
Splash that Bvlgari Black now I'm ready to roll...


Fresh of the plane it's the F.O.P
Finally home now my hearts at ease
Being a rolling stone can't get no satisfaction
Quite like family reaction on revival
It's my secret to survival
Spread the news!
The boys are back in town, we bout to roll through
Plans begin ain't even touch down
Spot the fresh boys un-miss-able in a crowd
Arriving back got more then we left with
Excess baggage... got gifts for the kids
It's a beautiful thing to return home
Guess it's true... you don't know what your got til your gone
Biggie said it best it was all a dream
But life ain't the same without my family
My little mans already in my bag
Like dad where's my present at... yeah I'm back

It's good to be back I've been missing you,
And chillin with my fams and kickin with my crew,
I'm grateful for the time that I've spend with you,
It's good to back... back... back...

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