Soul Release Testo

Testo Soul Release

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Oh yes yes yes

Gonna sing you a slow jam
It be a little something different to the regular program
Close your eyes, take a seat, this is why
It be simple kind of tune, taking you back to the jams to the old school
With a raw soul release, where balance is acheived
Rugged flow steps beneath the tones, searching for the key
Be driven in this, oh groove expedition
It's a slow jam, oh yes indeed a slow jam, alleviating your mission
So, hum along and click your fingers, tap your feet, nod your head
Clap to the beat
Going out to the brothers and sisters, on a soul retreat
Oh yeah yeah
So invision yourself, chilling by the fire, oh jamming away
In a place where you feel right, carefree, invisible to life
No stress, no sight of worries, oblivious to time

Oh tell me do you like our Nesian Style?
The way it makes you move?
Does it ease your mind?
And do you feel alright?

Tell me do you like our hori ways, oh it's on for days
Oh does it take you away, oh to a better place

Tell me do you like our way (ohh) Would you like to stay (tell me)
Would you listen to a slow jam (ohh) Are you getting with the program

Tell me do you like our hori ways, oh it's on for days
Oh can you take me away, oh to a better place...

Tell me...
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