You Already Know Testo

Testo You Already Know

[feat. Young Sid]

Thought we were gone but we back for the trilogy
The dynasty strikes again what happen to real m.c's
Truth be told 9 to 5 claim most
Burnt by the game because the flame couldn't hold
Attack of the bill collectives at bay
Cause reputation don't auto-translate to pay
I ain't no marketing guru, I just ink the page
And some how provide enough momentum to stay
I never knew it but the grind brought out the best in me
My drive set my sights high like an SUV
My life was always destine for the NYC
My state of mind was primed since I turned 13
It seemed a world away but my dreams never strayed
As clear as day it hung in my mind like a portrait
I was schooled in the art
By all the greatest masters of ceremonies
To ever feature on my beat box

I'm on a mission for that next tip
Flows cool calm collected
It's hectic but you already know
Yeah it's about to go down
Report to the floor now
We're in control
But you already know
On the grind for that next hit
It's that elevator musiq

[Young Sid:]
Low income, improvise
Get some, risk high
The path was too bloody for me
I chose a better one to get by, a good one if I must add
Whoever thought a hoodlum would have a promising path
A travelling man I'm overseas promoting my tip
And that's the truth cause now I'm a frequent flyer and shit
These frequent liars are pissed cause I talk that game
I like to brag a little bit cause I can walk what I say
I smash cause the proofs with me, toes up the booth
When he show up he do any little mans is you ready
Gotta call from the Nesian Boys
Like we need another Nesian Boy
To spit something sick that'll sieze your boys
Got everybody quiet now that we be the nosie
And they sick to the stomach like a knee in the groin
They be annoyed at the flow, shit ya boy's fit to blow
I could tell you who we are, but you already know!


Artist before the star
Maori then New Zealander
Tino rangatiratanga
Tuturu taku tikanga
Tihei mauri ora

It's the revolution
5.0 gone seize my computer
20/20 gone try accuse us
But they just can't stop the music

Keep my feet on the ground
But I step like Remus
Can't hold me down

Got my head in the clouds
My visions so clear
It's like I see sound

I'm living my dreams
Working so hard trying to stay asleep
Let me take you to see
The next level with this symphony

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