Boulders Testo

Testo Boulders

I feel locked away
with the weight of the world on my shoulders
crushing on my head are boulders
made of lies and dust from all of us

what of the bonds we've made
that have started to fade
we can't control the time
but right now I'll take what I can get out of my life

medicate me again
so I fall away
medicate me now
so I fall away

I feel torn between
two different sides of an opinion
don't know what state I've been in
don't believe in trust, for only one of us

what of the progress made
that night we all forgave
it was a thought out crime
but you should take what you can get out of this life

I never said that I didn't need you
put down your arms
and wrap them both right around me
right around me
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