It's Been A Summer Testo

Testo It's Been A Summer

it's been a summer

I'm cracked from my head down to my spine
ready to self destruct
at any time
and I'm trying to convince myself that the way I'm feeling is all I have
it could take a lifetime
to realize that you're alright

(but you said)
I know when you will come back
it's been a summer
it's burning up in here
even though the bed is cold on your side
I'd rather die than spend this night here without you
(without you)

I would try to fix these flaws of mine
if I could just see you (if I could just see you)
for one more time
and I'm trying to convince myself that the way I'm felling is all I have
I don't believe it sure fits
there's pity, but the truth brings:

I'll be the first one to know
if it's wrong for me to just let it go
I'll be the laughing stock of Florida
person most likely to find it saddening
it's fate that made you want for me 'til this day
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