My Solution Testo

Testo My Solution

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
well i feel there's something wrong with my life
but that's the way it should be i really hate it when i lie to you
but what does the truth mean to me well what went wrong
your back is turned again is this the beginning or the end
is this all wrong you are more than a friend such a position
that i'm in well you know i'm trying so hard to live my life without you
and i tried so hard i got you now inside my heart it kills fueled by your love
in the end i'll call your name i'm letting go it's time for you to know
that all this time i've been so wrong i'm letting go the time's more fast
than slow and everything is there for you well you know
when i go away from you i lose control
my body is feeling cold like a winter day then i close my eyes a picture
so clear then i close my eyes

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