When A Good Friend Attacks Testo

Testo When A Good Friend Attacks

Little Orange Eyes - Coming from my room
Cutting Up My Hands - Gotta clean up my wounds
Bathroom poltergeist - Running up his spine
Sweaty Nausea - Palm full of red wine

Striations . . . up my arm

This curtain's a man of war - As liquid drips in me
Smoking lady's wake - Gotta get to LA
Hands above my head - Making out the will
Forty-four and three-fourths - Holding down the back seat

Blood-poisoned cast - When a good friend attacks
...When a good friend attacks

Here comes Elvis!

Orange eyes, coming for you - Unbridled rage at 1 foot 2
Orange eyes, coming for me - Ready to wreck my whole family
I know he's your brother and I love him too - but I'm so scared So what can we do
A gentle 12 lbs when he's in your lap But pick him up and he'll fucking, snap!

When a good friend attacks (whoa-oh-oh)
When a good friend attacks (whoa-oh-oh)
When a good friend attacks (whoa-oh-oh)
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