Its Only Divine Right Testo

Testo Its Only Divine Right

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Both eyes drinking cool water, not the first daughter so I can't see why you're wrestling with words at last, a tradition you've long outclassed
Come true for the new martyrs, with your hair parted like the Red Sea
You're addressing the world from your bed, all alone in the crowd like you said
Come true, it's only divine right
Here's Leda in her white glory, all her back-story has been wiped clean
Just another apocryphal mess, never promised 'em anything less
So come true, these are safe waters for the first daughter, so I can't see why you're pushing the pull that you've had, while the rest of the girls go bad
Come true it's only divine right
Slip back through the plot for the new shock, seeing us then, when we were the real people
Face down in the old money, left the crowd wondering what your next move's gonna be in the moments ahead, while the rest of the girls go bad
Come true, it's only divine right
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