We Stand Together Alone Testo

Testo We Stand Together Alone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My brothers this i dedicate to you
for helping me get through
these long and lonely nights
somehow nothing else seemed so right
to be with you is all i want to do
living for something where each day brings something new
alone in this world without you
were always together
doing nothing more than living without hope
we have hope for this place
somehow we'll all find a way
to make it through these days
we stand together alone
we have hope for this place
somehow we'll all find a way
we're pushing we're trying
shoulder to shoulder
each moment each word
our hopes these dreams
this is our time our words
and this is our song
so sit back and take in the sights
of the city lights maybe the hills
somehow i'm doing what i love
i wish you all knew
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