In The Dark Testo

Testo In The Dark

Ask this girl
You for me
In the dark
What did you see?

First I stopped listening 'til I couldn't hear
Then I stopped living out of books and mirrors
Then I stopped looking 'til I couldn't see
When I say darkness this is what I mean

Ask this girl
Eye to mind
In the dark
What did you find?

And in the dark I touch with all my toes
And in the dark I taste with all my teeth
And in the dark I kiss and dance and scream
I'm not afraid of being anything

And I remember when I was a kid
Feeling about unicorns the way I did
First I poked through to it like a stitch in time
Now I am reuniting horn and mind

I will buck up against the city lights
When it goes blurry and I am afraid
'Til I can feel you uncompromised
'Til I can feel you
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