Six Prayers, No. 1 Testo

Testo Six Prayers, No. 1

The melody of this song is based on fragments of a melody from ancient Ugarit.
The melody was written in an ancient form of notation on a slab of stone.
Many of the words were rubbed out, but it is believed to be a prayer to a sun god.

In the falling of the evening
Comes the fortune teller eating and consumed
When the folds of her dark flesh are all I see
Keep your big red eye on me
Keep your big red eye on me

Brushed your teeth up silver white as stars and knives
Patched your stockings up with
Oriental rugs and brothel silk
Someone told me "traveler, you'll go far"
I'll go with you if I may
I'll go with you if I may

Shadows don't believe in window panes
Entering and leaving as they please
Now your laughter rattles like fifty wrong keys
At how I think that every knock's for me
Come to take me home
Come to take me home
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