Gary Preview Page In Pink Testo

Testo Gary Preview Page In Pink

Is today fact or fiction? You've told me the plot and expect me to still play the role. You talk round in circles, despite the shape and reputation that it makes. You ricochet. I duck for cover. I wasn't asking for it. Yo, I feel there's something wrong with this. We were better at a distance; keeping tabs, that's close enough; it'll be just fine. After time, I've lost comfort with the common thread you've pulled out and put down. All that we've invested might as well have been spent. You don't have to know where my head is every time that we hang out. I feel there's something wrong with this. Your belittling nature is unintended. Like a broken record. You skip and skip. I've heard this. Don't you remember? We've been through this. It gives me the impression that I'm part of the act. That's not why I'm here. No deeper. I'll take waht I can, but I know that I'll never give in.

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