I'm Warning You With Peace & Love Testo

Testo I'm Warning You With Peace & Love

Why bother? I feel you coming from a million miles away. You're putting on your spin. Like you're entitled to whatever I create. I'll step aside. You be the light. I'll be the fire. I'll be the villain. It's an obvious transformation that I make. Yeah I made it mine. I wonder if you know. Don't have the heart to tell you. That you were never part of the master plan. I wonder if you know. I guess it's time to tell you. Who's the joke on anyway? I'm not really sure you get it. What kind of hero could you be if you've got nothing real to chase. Settings on default's a good way to save some time. You don't need to think too hard to stay between the lines. You're comfortable with copy and paste. I don't think you care anyway. Content's water trickling down a drain. I give everything I've got until it hurts. You take what you want and give little. That's the worst. Would it kill you to do what's kind, just this once? Would it kill you?

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