Eat Pussy Testo

Testo Eat Pussy

I eat the pussy,I eat the pussy,I eat the, I eat the,
I eat the pussy;
I'ma man about it,
I'ma man about it,
I'ma man about it,
I'ma man about it cus..
[ x2 )

I eat it all day, eat it all night
She said her man wack, can't do it right
So she call me, get her boy G, & then I'm gon` lick her body
I get her real wet, kiss her on her neck
She said come get inside me
I told her ass no, get back on the floor
I'm gon` do you shorty
I get up in my zone, eat it while ya moan
Do it like a grown, get ya mind gone
& I get dome, so I let it be known..

[ Chorus x2 )
I'ma man, I eat the pussy out
I'll show you what this tongue game `bout
I put the pressure on, you shout
After I go in, we outI'ma man, but I ain`t ever new to this
I tell ya man get back like Ludacris
He mad that I'm havin' grown man sex
With that pretty little pussy in the chrome spandex
Ma, I got you all wet, so ya old man vexed
& best friends bad, so ya best friends next
SIKE ! Don't let me gas you..

[ Chorus x2 )
Now I ain`t ever seen another girl like you
& you ain`t ever seen another nigga like me
You wanna get it on cus my name TB
Right after I'm done, put the pussy on me
I don't know what it is, but I'm lovin' that P-U-S-S-Y
I don't know, just gotta do it cus bitches know I do it right
& I screw it tight
Keep it up all night
Girl, ya heard me?
Now this song'll make me famous
But if anybody ask, I just use my fingers
She can think that..

[ Chorus x2 )
I eat the pussy, its exclusive
Babygirl, I do this
Shorty love me & I know why
Cus I'm goin` down like Mary J. Blige
I'm the man when it come to this
Cus I got nice lips & my tongue is sick
& I bet ya this kid'll have you cummin` quick
But you ain`t gettin` shit if you ain`t suckin` dick
Baby, I get around
Flyest man in this whole damn town
But this is just a song, I ain`t ever goin` down..
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