Finito Testo

Testo Finito

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Hook: Pharrell]
I'm a live the dream, yo
No time to sleep, yo
If you know what we know
Y'all niggas finito

Oh, it's an animal anthem
(It's popping, popping)

[Verse 1: Nore]
Ayo the bricks that they front me out of the country
Do that thing monthly, [?] want me
The dude's finito, I sell chico to a cheapo in a Pico
Swag synthetic, you get your shit shredded
Eyes close as scoliosis, prognosis
Get a dosage, yo hold up
Put your hands in the air, yeah, this a hold up
[?] come to karate
Kawasaki papi, this shit locked probably
Ghost to say the least
Wherever there's indians
I'm a come and play the chief
A-oo-ga de basura
[?] wanna be thugs, some are [?]
Dude, Nore's a classic


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I split Swishers with my thumb, slime
They say numbers don't lie - except one time
Young Tune, got goons on the front line
These hoes tryna get on like they unsigned
Side-step counter, right, left, punchline
Real niggas don't do sit ups when it's crunch time
Get high, play somethin' on the guitar
Got a girl on my dick like the see-saw
My son's tellin' friends "daddy got a race car"
T roll blunts longer than the space bar
Straight hair, high socks with some Vans on
Bullet hole bigger than the Grand Canyon
Neptunes on the beat, NORE what it is?
Chop body parts off, stick 'em in the fridge
Yeah, kiss my ass under the mistletoe
Young Money motherfucker, if you didn't know


[Verse 3: Nore]
Animalistic, futuristic [?]
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