I Ain't Tha One Testo

Testo I Ain't Tha One

Intro: girl, Ice Cube[Ice Cube, do you think you could give me some money to getmy hair done?] How short's your hair right now?[Well you know I get it done every week, and I need my nailsdone too] Look, I'ma tell you like thisVerse One:I ain't the one, the one to get played like a pooh buttSee I'm from the street, so I know what's upOn these silly games that's played by the womenI'm only happy when I'm goin up in emBut you know, I'm a menace to societyBut girls in biker shorts are so fly to meSo I step to em, with aggressionListen to the kid, and learn a lesson todaySee they think we narrow mindedCause they got a cute face, and big-behindedSo I walk over and say "How ya doin?"See I'm only down for screwin, but you knowya gotta play it off coolCause if they catch you slippin, you'll get schooledAnd they'll get you for your money, sonNext thing you know you're gettin their hair and they nails doneFool, and they'll let you show em offBut when it comes to sex, they got a bad coughOr a headache, it's all give and no takeRun out of money, and watch your heart breakThey'll drop you like a bad habitcause a brother with money yo, they gotta have itMessin with me though, they gets noneYou can't juice Ice Cube girl, cause I ain't the oneInterlude One:[Girrrrrl, you got to get these brothers for all the moneyyou can honey. Cause if they ain't got no money, they can'tdo nothin for me but get out of my face.][I know what you mean girl, it ain't nothin right jumpin offunless he got dollars]Verse Two:Sometimes I used to wonderHow the hell an ugly dude get a fine girl's numberHe's gettin juiced for his ducatsI tell a girl in a minute yo, I drive a bucketAnd won't think nuttin of itShe can ride or walk, either leave it or love itI show her that I'm not the O, the N-E, sayI'm a ruthless N-I double-G ACause I'm gamin on a female that's gamin on meYou know I spell girl with a BA brother like me is only out for one thingI think with my ding-a-ling, but I won't bring noflowers to your doorstep, when we goin outCause you'll take it for granted, no doubtAnd after the date, I'ma want to do the wild thingYou want lobster huh? I'm thinking Burger KingAnd when I take you, you get frustratedYou can't juice Ice Cube and you hate itBut you see, I don't go nutsOver girls like you with the BIG ol buttsIt start comin out the pocket, to knock itBut when the damage is done...You can only lay me girl, you can't play me girlFor the simple fact that, I ain't the oneInterlude Two:[I don't care how they look if they got money,we can hook up but they ain't gettin none.][Yeah I just make em think they gonna get some,play up they mind a lil bit, and get that money.][Oh Ice Cube, can I have some money pleeeease?]Verse Three:Give you money why botherCause you know I'm lookin nothin like your fatherGirl, I can't be played or gankedGanked means getting took for your bankOr your gold or your money or somethingNine times outta ten, she's giving up nothingThey get mad when I put it in perspectiveBut let's see if my knowledge is effectiveTo the brothas man they robbing you blindCause they fine with a big behind, but pay it no mindKeep your money to yourself homieand if you got enough gameYou'll get her name and her numberWithout going underYou can't leave em and love and stay above emI used to get no play now she stay behind meCause I said I had a Benz 190But I lied and played the oneJust to get some now she feels dumbTo my homies it's funnyBut that's what you get trying to play me for my moneyNow don't you feel usedBut I don't give hoot, huh, because I knock bootsYou shouldn't be, so damn materialAnd try to milk Ice Cube like cerealNow how many times do I have to say itCause if I have to go get a gunYou girls will learn I don't burnYou think I'm a sucka, but I ain't the oneOutro:[But you said you love me!]I don't see no rings on this finger[Why you doin me like this? I love you!]Yeah you love my money, I got what I wanted -- beat it

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