Aaron Danger Made All My Friends Champions For Life Testo

Testo Aaron Danger Made All My Friends Champions For Life

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I'm fucking sick to death with the state of these affairs
Romance and politics
I'm just done with them!
Music and life no longer hand and hand anymore
Copycat writers plague my mirrors
Plagiarism strikes me at every turn

What's original?
Certainly not what I'm doing
Who is Original?
Certainly not who I am.
What's indispensable?

I am, I am
What's indispensable, what's indispensable
I am, I am
What's indispensable?
This song, this guitar, my fucking person
Before long I'll be rotting in a coffin
Worms for brains
Dirt for insides
I'll be singing this song,
Remember good for nothing there will always be fucking better.
Who's indispensable?
There will always be better
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