Bad Scene, Aaron's Fault Testo

Testo Bad Scene, Aaron's Fault

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
I don't understand how someone can say
that they love something, and just walk away.
Just when it gets hard, and you if you love something,
you have to fight with every breath that you take
Till your muscles stop moving.
And no longer reaches your lung,
and the air that you breathe no longer reaches your lungs,
And you think your actions through.

We think them through.
And it makes me sick.
Of all these kids that say,
my scene sucks, and then they just walk away.
And it's hard to sit through every fight with you,
when you just get up and walk away every single night
and when you get up to fucking leave, you just walk away.

When if you love something, don't walk away