About Mr. Brown Testo

Testo About Mr. Brown

What can you say about tomorrow?
What do you know about my life?
What do you say to your daughter?
What do you tell to your wife?
a la la la eh oh

Say Mr. Brown how about your daughter.
Do you know what she's done with her life?
And do you agree that we are lost here?
Well, among the lost we shall survive.

a la la la eh oh

a hey hey hey

What can you say about the weather?
Is it gonna rain on our parade?
Is your soul as light as a feather?
Or am I Flat out going insane?

a la la la eh oh

Say Mr. Brown how about your brother.
Do you see what he's done with his life?
You're chasing him out the front door,
He's chasing you with a butcher knife.

a la la la eh oh

What's that you say when the rain won't go away?
What's that you do when no one's looking at you?
Where's that you go after the show?
What's that you say? [Repeat]

a hey hey hey
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