Let It Slide Testo

Testo Let It Slide

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
It's like many knuckeheads who want to do the eye to eye contact
Not knowing O.C. is ready for combat
I tried to ignore the son with the advacant attitude
Stick in my face for gratitude, yeah
Just the other night on the train
Me my cousin Boo was on our way up to club Galaloo
I kind of had a fight so we took our 25's and that
We had juice with the bouncer on the inside
Mad Jamaicans faking nigga fronting knowing they're Americans
We fronted us off from the embarrasing
Some old poor face fellow try to star me in the eye and give a wammy
He almost caught a grammy
Just when I was about to reach for my glock
And saw cousin Boo whispered to me yo!
"O O let it slide"
It ain't worth smoking a minute worth of lead
So to break the tension I
Broke him in the head

I let it slide, I let it slip on by
Giving you one last try to kill it with the eye

New day same shit occured in this time
I was asked what I was looking at not knowing he was grassed
This spark the beef and
I was gonna finish it off but turns out
This nigga was soft he got
Afraid from the way about the stance glancing to my left and right
Put a basket a man insight
He'll see the whole thing if I decide to do a buckwild move
So what I turn it in shall I choose, ha!
Fire my steel and take the chance
Of being bagged and ship up north for a long long ?
I ain't for it so I flash the cloud
He saw the nickle plate
Almost having a day to die
I wonder why
Chumps want to pick on I
They be like setting it off
And I be letting it slide
I don't know what they be seeing
But one time in a conflict
I flip, turn into an unstable human being

I let it slide, I let it slip on by
Giving you one last try to kill it with the eye

When I'm flowing with my girl I feel it the most
Beef coming so close like a champagne toast
On the train, in the city, down the way
Down her way, I take it upon myself and say niggas is gay
What you trying to prove?
Can't move him out and with a stare
But when a brother pull a trunk and sink it ain't fair
Two wrongs don't make a right
But the philosophy of a fight, fella
Used to prolong you life, I
Rolled like it was enemy
Why would you pretend to be
Some motherfucker men is to fight to kill Kenney, I
Be rappin' son's trying flamboyant and
Put on a smurf 'cause you staring is annoying and
No matter how much I try to avoid noise from feeling in with bad day
Starring in my grill again
Or try to hypnotize with the eye starring
Retinified be tearsful, to your family lives a day
No fronting because you couldn't stop my glock so
Time ran out 'cause you punch your own glock

I let it slide, I let it slip on by
Giving you one last try to kill it with the eye
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