Mother Love Testo

Testo Mother Love

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Fear love a failure to nothing but and empty shape we collide and we were dead on

Are you tired enough
I think i hurt your head enough
Bruising me the first touch
Well fall asleep well close it up

Count the days till you get rid of me, till i fall asleep i am meaningless endlessly you'd feel fine if you could bury me six feet underneath i wont see it
And now im recklessly ending it as it falls from the stage to the floor
The day ends when i say it does im afraid of him, im afraid of him

My mother sings when she's afraid of me because i hurt her more,
More than the son she sees it scares her half to death
My father sings when he's afraid of me because i hurt him more,
More than the son he sees it scares us all to death.

Oh, my son why did you leave me? Where did you run my son? Why did you leave me?
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