Plague Campaign Testo

Testo Plague Campaign

The ancients, they forewarned of such plight. Infinite blackness shrouds the sky. This is only the first sign. The ancients, they were forwarned of such a plight . Years passed on, nobody listened, nobody survived. Mankind's demise is reoccurring. Every succeeding generation is predestined to suffer. Until these voluminour hordes are satisfied or nothing is left to devour. The most insignificant of beings have rendered mankind helpless. This impending swarm harbors a catastrophic epidemic sweeping the coasts, invading your homes. Transmitting necrotizing fascitis, the aroma of facal particulates infiltrate the senses, and form the altitudes they descend. Overwhelming multitudes of incessant arthropods fulminate from the sky engulfing everything in their path. Still they have an appetite. They're not satisfied. Still they are not satisfied. The plauge campaign takes flight, and so this plauge continues on

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