A Homage To A Shame Testo

Testo A Homage To A Shame

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Say one thing for sorrow, say nothing for joy
It's a piss over our parade, the devices you employ
I'll say one thing for sorrow, it never leaves me dry
As I beg steal and borrow, there's no tears when I cry.

But I try and try and try again.

But no nothing can stop me, no nothing at all
I'm the entrance and the exit, the clogging will make you stall
Now your conscience clear stall now you've got so old
It's in the way you'll never wake up, in the way you feel the cold.

Time is running out.

Looks invent a
Feeling in a
Meaningless exhange
It's a testament to
A homage to a shame.

Cover your mouth.
Time is running out.

Undone and reckless is your mind it's up to you trust or not trust alone
Cover your mouth and hold it
Oh that sacred substance I crave is just another privilege I waive
Hold it hold it f-f-f-fuckin' hold it.

It's power I am drawn to
It's potency and flavour
Drives me and ignites me
Fuels a dirty secret.

Why can't I just tell?
Why can't I just tell the truth?
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