Paper Champion Testo

Testo Paper Champion

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
hear this, the name to sell be retold another I am down and you're under me all the prize it will cut these doubts right down to size and well have this thing, without the drive just to make you see her i am striving to make a fist a voice if i could just make you hear make this alright, and im still....still calling.....still....still...still calling severed tongues and glowing eyes another threat that comes as no surprise and an expose of burning lies blow our paper hero open wide soon to be rendered obsolete all you have been losing me glamour pigs we .... let blood run like a waterfall toothy grins and.... ... your soul will seek now why dont you ring your maid (im sorry now) why dont you ring your maid (im sorry now) why dont you ring your maid (im sorry now)

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