Star Of The Apocalypse Testo

Testo Star Of The Apocalypse

Hope you were my first love seeming so beautiful and pure
But your beauty was false and so was your heart
Now buried in darkness you are
You left me alone in my hour of need you turned me your back and was gone
But that gave birth to a child of the world
Who I could love 'til the end

Hate you are my new bride, my true love
Caress me with flames of despair
You I can trust, for I know that nothing inside you is good
You can hurt me or strike me with fear, without betraying me
To be bonded to you is far better than caring for life
For life itself is but a punishment, a journey towards death

To live in this world is nothing but pain
This world seems so false and untrue
But if it's only truth that we'll ever see
I want to destroy it with you

Oh you beautiful star of the apocalypse
Shine on me and I will let your axe fall
Upon the sad people of this world
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