A Story To Tell Testo

Testo A Story To Tell

And I miss you is the new way to say I want to hurt you again
How does it feel to be wrong
Always knew it all along that you'd come back to me but im not coming back to you this time

So I stand broken nothing spoken
Re-arrange this loss of hope
To form the shape of our hearts
When we stand this far apart
And I can still feel you on the edge of my fingertips
we're on the edge of our fingertips
Grabbing for each other desperately

This rain beats down on my windshield as I fall down for you
Over and over and over and over and over I fall for you
Cause roses are red and die in your room
But this plastic rose lives forever with you Over and over and over and over and over I wont fall for you so lock the door and we'll get drunk
Replaying memories of us but we know this wont last
So leave me here a bleeding scar falling tears are falling hard
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