Promise Nothing Testo

Testo Promise Nothing

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I shut the shades throughout the day and open them at night
Try to get a decent sleep but we put up a fight
I think about the days when we would just hang out
Just chill out and live
And now I, sit alone and realize how time has passed me by

And pictures show the meaning of what things once were like
But I burned pictures years ago, I just got to you tonight
Show me how it was, tell me it won't be again
Set my sights on what I've lost and I'll go back to bed
Back to bed

And I wake up everyday, wishing things had stayed the same
I go to bed such a mess, my stomach turns from loneliness
And under these sheets, sleeps with me, nothing but my sympathy
I thought my friends would never leave
Just close my eyes, just close my eyes
Thoughts fade away in sleep

Fade away
Real slow
Fade away tonight
So I can't remember the best time of my life
Fade away real slow
So I can't fall asleep to you tonight

Fade away
Real slow
So I can't remember you or any of this
At least I've got my memories to hold me in my place, just stay awake tonight
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