A Collapse Of Faith Part II Testo

Testo A Collapse Of Faith Part II

Carved from the same roots, grown from the same seeds
One stained grand design, a monumental, blazing sight
A homage to martyrs, who bled for the cause
In the twilight of idols, the pyres of oblivion glow.

Above the grand illusions, beyond dishonoured traditions
The words became flesh and the flesh became ideals.

The rivers of strength and lakes of devotion
All written and scarred to the bones of mankind
Defeated by words, and aeon of strength ahead
A mental prostration, the echoes of yesterday ablaze.

A burden beyond the boundaries, a reason prevailing the credence
A firmament crumbling the old doctrines collapsing ahead
Shattering symbols on the horizon the distant bond fading.

Distorted and wretched, a collapse of faith
The tongues of stole truth, now rusted and raped.

The words of hope drift away, collapsing astray
And the soil bleeds below, under the pyres in oblivion
Iconoclast among the fallen
Forged by the blood.
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