My Dark Company Testo

Testo My Dark Company

Something's got to change in this life of mine,
that sounds just like what I said last time.
See I'm a highly funtional hypocrite,
I do it so well that it makes me sick.
It isn't all that difficult fooling you
'cause almost all that I say is true.
You'll spend all day saying "how do you do?"
when you meet all the poeple I change into.

My dark company is always there.
My dark company has overstayed his welcome here.

Now when I take a look at my dark company,
it looks like me but it is not me.
It's just what is left of my sin disease,
but I've got a new identity!
I am a child of the ressurection,
part of the new re-creation.
My dark company, what that means to you
is: you'll fade away as I am renewed.
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