Tear Stained Lies Testo

Testo Tear Stained Lies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
black lines where your eyes used to shine. cross our hearts, we're sippin' shots of cyanide. kiss my lips and taste this, this suicide. we sleep with the enemy and kill what we love. cursed with the gift of beauty. you weild it like its... a loaded gun. so lets burn our bridges before they're built. never say "i love you" till blood is spilt. choke on my name... as you whisper. can you taste the blood on your lips as the syllables slit your throat. you say that im everything that you want...well im everything that you hate, and it goes unsaid. the way you whispered, you lied. you always lie to me again. with these broken windows and these tear stained lies i wont be sleeping alone tonight. but we tried... we tried so hard... so explain this time with the barrel of a gun down your fucking throat. i said i loved you, but now you make me choke on my words.

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