As Of Late Testo

Testo As Of Late

As of late, I can honestly say,
That we are fading fast,

White lies, you're only missing the words,
That you're refusing to leave in,
This equation that you've so humbly,
Laid out,

Its hard to run
From your lies,
With your foot stuck in your mouth,
And make it hard for the exit,
The path seemed so long,
To walk along and try to reach,
Some sense of clarity,

We watch the ocean fall,
Waiting for the tide

The tide will wash away these lies,
It'll wash away from these lies,
It comes so quickly from the sky,
It falls,
The tide will wash away these lies,
Wash them clean away,
Right through these lies,
Through these lies,

You beat it out of me,
Your words never felt so alive,
Beat it out of me,
You words never felt so right

Its false words that completes me,
But then disappoints,
And as of late I need you,
To feed me lies

I cannot say, enough for me,
Cause honestly, I cant breath,
Whoa, honestly, whoa, we don't need,
Whoa, honestly, whoa, we don't need,
To breathe these words,

Cause I wrote them down,
Cause I wrote them down
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