Ben Threw Testo

Testo Ben Threw

Loose lips sink ships,
So I'll keep silent.
Suggest your words stay in your mouth.
It's never ending,
The cycles ascending,
People keep asking,
I'm not here.

I don't really think
That you've ever walked a mile in my shoes.
I don't really think
That you know what I've been through.
What I've been through

All your life,
I wish you would have learned
To swallow your pride.
And stop preaching,
I know what you're thinking,
You're so far above me,
In your mind.
All the power and glory forever,
We share this together I will never,
I will remember what I've become.

I'm finding out,
The only thing left to lose is time.
With all these doubts,
The worst parts behind me.

Don't forgive me,
I don't want this

Only when I'm back at home,
I will...
Only when I'm back at home,
I will,
Don't forgive me,
I'll forget you,
Write this on the wall.

You don't know what I've been through,
I've been through,
I've been through,
I've been through.
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