No Really, I'm Fine Testo

Testo No Really, I'm Fine

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(So sing along, and learn to heart)

You leave yourself dead where you stand,
So soft,
and delicate.

(You've made it now,
They've seen it all
but the sleepless nights,
Have gone too far.
....They take their toll.)

You're killing yourself when you lie,
So close those legs and open your eyes.

I'll make a man,
Out of you.
I'll make a man of you boy.
So pick up the gloves,
Put down the toys,
While I pick my weapon of choice(s)
I have made,
I regret, but you know,
I'll pick up the pieces and earn some respect.

Dream if you please,
But dream as if you'll live forever.
And live as you wish,
But live as if you'll die today.

I ain't no James Dean.
This rebellion has it's cause.
You can't pick up where I left off,
cause' you know you're in the wrong.

This will be,
The death of you.
This is it,
Cause we all know,
You're afraid of the truth.
Take this as a warning,
a simple thing.
Make this something that you'll hold,
Close to your heart.
Please write this down,
Please make this yours.
Learn the word forgiveness and I'll show you...

Grace like you've never have seen.
Grace like you've never have seen.
I'll show you grace.

This life is moving,
It's moving on and on and on,
It's alright...

It's alright but I know I shouldn't trust you.
It's okay but I never should have said,
It's alright...

It's okay but I know I shouldn't trust you.
It's alright but I never should have said...

It's alright...
It's alright...
It's alright...
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