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Testo YDG

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Won't be mistaken with the saints of youth,
God's backed up again.
I swear, when I scream,
we're not home again.
Run from your problems,
but you cannot run from yourself.
You'll take this back.

Broken I've lied,
pick up the pieces,
you'll try to live for yourself.
How can you live for yourself?
Live how you wish,
but live as if you'll die today.

I won't stop until I can reach you
& get this off my chest.
A sense of direction,
to lead you home again.

Mind your tongue
& save your breath for someone else.
You won't believe me,
we're not the same 'cause I dig
& I dig you too.
Conformed in writing,
I will fight for the sake of you.
I will fight for this.

Dream if you'll live forever,
Dream for me.
Broken down,
I've tried to pick up the pieces.
You lied.
You live for yourself.
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