Out Of Body Testo

Testo Out Of Body

We are alive
Strokes aside, living life.
Don't mind this faulty mechanics eyes
She's too used to crying wolf
Too damned to sing your praise
But the angels sing
The angels sing her melody.
So softly,
As this party seems to end
We follow the tunnel vision to reality.
And before the back of my head
Hits this chilled pillowcase
Ill remember everything
To forget it all
The next day

So let this lullaby
Lull you off
Dilute your mind
And as these pages seem to turn
Nightmares only happen
When you're dreaming
I must be dreaming.
I pinch my self-insane

Now would you believe?
That I was left to drown in the parted sea.
Condemned to lurk and roam down beneath,
Would you free me? Because my wings are hard to see,

But they're down below the pride I wear upon my sleeves.
Just one night and you will see,
You're life's a lucid dream.

Psychos invented a cure
I'll feel better
I'm sure
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