Pieces Of Me Testo

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Testo Pieces Of Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
since the day i met you
i always needed to tell you
something abouti my self.
you've always seen me laughing
but there's something behind my laugh.
i can't keep pretend!

There are pieces of me
i wanna let you know
these could change everything
there are pieces of me

I wish that one day you could
forgive the wayi lived my life
i'll never let you in
The place where i grew up
it doesen't give you a way to waste
your tears for fear

i tried to scream,there was no one for me
the same answer isn't enough
to keep me in silence again!

weakly i remember my life 'cause when i was a child my hand
covered my eyes to avoid seeing what was happening around me
i didn't wont believe in what there was for me
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