Why Don't Belive Me ? Testo

Testo Why Don't Belive Me ?

I'm still here cause i don't wanna that you
Become what i hate in my life, time that remains is
Not enough to recognize all our faults !
Don't leave your life in the hands of someone that make you feel like he wants!
Why, Why, Why
Why don't you believe me ?
This life is not for you!
Why, Why ,Why ,Why don't you believe me i'm sure if you want you can wake up
From this lie that you call life !
If for one day i could be in your head i won't try to keep the control !
Maybe i'll look for a way to touch the switch of your self control !
Life isn't heaven but it's the dirty side of this !
Make a scream take a look around !
I could love your more than a beautiful prince !
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