You Are My Flame Testo

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Testo You Are My Flame

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
What did you  hear me saying ?
What do you want to take me away ?
From this small place that i call home
I lost the trust in everyone, i feel the last one
Whay only  you make feel like i should deserve
More than i alredy have , i'm not an alien !!
You are my flame !
Here seems like that no one knows
My name and this could show
I don't belong to my own home
Here there's no way to carry on, and i won't miss anyone !
I wish all my memories, one day will fade away
And all pride they showed i'm sure it will sink
Down with them ! give me your hands, light up my life
I promise you i still be there waiting for you cause you are my flame.
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