Knowledge Is The Gift Testo

Testo Knowledge Is The Gift

[VERSE 1: The E]
As I sit back and think about our problems
What's goin on and how we gonna solve em
Black man sellin us out to the other color
But try to keep it undercover
I understand all that cause it's a money thing
But if that's the case, then let money bring
Peace and joy to the ones that need a new start
And let the greed depart
When I ask how you're livin you shout it out
Now it's time to get together and talk about
It doesn't matter about your color, let's take a stand
Comin out the mouth of a black man
You say we should unite and be as one
And then you see me on the rise and grab a shotgun
A lotta nerve you show as you stand stiff
But my knowledge is the gift

[VERSE 2: The E]
I bring a lotta thought to what's happenin
The new jack swing's in effect and I'm rappin
I wanna talk to your eardrums straight up
And give your mind a little time to wake up
Who says we have to be the lesser one?
Put your best foot forward and be the better one
Open up your eyes to a new sight
And if you do it for yourself you know it's done right
If you're black, yo, they figure you want a hand-out
Then they question your mind because you stand out
If you speak for your piece then you're militant
That's the way that we're taught by our government
I don't wanna hear that, save it for the next man
I got a mind of my own and I don't give a damn
Yo, a lotta nerve you show as you stand stiff
But my knowledge is the gift

[VERSE 3: The E]
Now it's time to decide how we wanna live
If we all stand together something's gotta give
A lotta times we're the reason for the negative thoughts
They come across, so the battle's lost
Put your pride in your pocket if you're selfish
My temperature's runnin hot so I'ma melt this
When I say down with Jack I mean Ant Jack
Some brothers say I ain't down because I know jack
Knowledge is the gift that I'm teachin
And the highest plateau's where I'm reachin
Forget the stereotype and world hype
That says you have to be white in order to do right
Why don't we all just unite and take a stand?
Comin out the mouth of a black man
A lotta nerve you show as you stand stiff
But my knowledge is the gift
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