The Backseat Testo

Testo The Backseat

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Swing your arms into a ghost
That made a stare alive
And I turned my heels and run
But they already ran away

I know you saw a smile
but you been off the hinge
By now the cover's blown
and everybody is far away

Somewhere on the line
I could have had the time
I'd be happier with you
What else could I do

In the backseat

Dear I know we had a while
And that was all I have
And I roam all over town
but now the ghost won't go away

You sink into the sun
You left me by the planks
and you tell everyone
now he is far away

Dear I'm all alone
My mind and only? kind
I'm happier with you
What else could I do

In the backseat
With no sign

Now my love is dead
You were my best friend
Started in the car
Ended with my heart

In the backseat
the backseat
  • Guarda il video di "The Backseat"
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